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Gold Hill 
Baptist Association 

Thirty-third Session 





%#i — - — I %# 

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American Baptist Publication Society 




I Thirty-Third Annual Session 

of th« 

Gold Hill Baptist 

held with the 

Mount Moriah Churoh 
In McDowell County, Marion, N. C. 

September 2, 3, 4, and 5, 



REV. S. McCURRY, Moderator, Caroleen, N. C 
REV. L. A. PETTY, Asst. Moderator, Forest City, N. C. 
J A. LOGAN, Treasurer, Uree, N. C. 
E. COSTON, Secretary. Uree, N. C. 


Go!d HiU Associa*^'or>. 

Executive Board. 

Revs. S. McCurry,. R. A. Hemphill, A. Lee, M. H. 
Craig; Bros. G. W. Walker, M. H. Morehead, and .). L. Mil- 
ler. Committee: W. L. IvOgan, G L. Forney, T. A. Gray, 
J. G. Spikes. G. W. Surratt, N. Miller, S. J. Miller, J. A. 
Logan, R. B. Burgin, Chairman. 

Union Meeting. 

At Jersalem church, beginning on Friday before the 
.second Sunday in March, 1910. Rev. C. II. Watkins, shall 
preach the introductory sermon at 11 o'clock a. m. — Rev. P. 
Harris, Alternate. 

:!Ministets and Deacons Meetings. 

At Mt. Nebo church, beginning on Friday before the 
second Sunday in May, 1910. — Rev. M H Craig, shall preach 
the introductory sermon; Rev. A. Lee, Alternate. 

Committee for each subject are named above. 

Next Session. 

At Moore's Grove church, begining on Thursday before 
the first Lord's day in September, 1910. 

' '^- ' Proceedings. 

Marion, McDowell county, N. C , Thursday, September 
2nd, 1909. 

The Gold Hill Baptist Association met with the Mt. 
Moriah Baptist church to-day at 3 o'clock in its thirty-third 
annual session. Opened by singing two Gospel songs. Rev. 
M. H. Craig leading. Sang 260 hymn; Rev. C. R. Watkins 
lined. Rev. R. A* Hemphill read a selection, Matt. 18: 1-17. 
— Rev. M. H, Craig led the prayer. Sang 454 hymn; Rev. 
C. R. Watkins Uned; after which Rev. R. A. Himphill 
selected the 13 chap. 47 of St. Mait., from which he preached 
a "most worthy" introductory sermon. Rev. C. R. Watkins 
lined, we sang 492 hymn; Rev A. Lee led the prayer. Sang 
"heart selections," Rev. M, H. Craig leading. 

Gotd Hilt Association. 

"Thrice- welcome" was extended to the delegates, minis- 
ters, friends and visitors of the Gold Hill Association bv' Rev. 
M. H. Craig; Rev. A. Lee responded in behalf of Mt. Moriah 
church and friends, — the pastor being absent on that day. 
B The Moderator announced house ready for business. A 
committee of three were appointed on enrollment of delegates. 
A motion prevailed that the letters from the various churches 
should be brought to the table. On motion the letters of the 
following were read, received and adopted, as the accredited 
messengers composing this body :^Mt. Monah, M.. H. Craig, 
G. L. Forney; Mt. Nebo, J. A. Logan, Thomas Hamilton, E. 
Costou; Gold Hill, T. C. Flack. M. C. Hamilton; Wheat's 
Creek, T. A. Gray, Miller King; Jerusalem, N. Miller; St. 
Luke, G. W, Surratt, J. E. Proctor; Green's Creek, W. M. 
Moore, Samuel Miller; Moore's Grove, Robert Burgin; 
Webb's Church, J. P. Bridges, J. G. Spiker; Haynes' Grove, 
W. L. Logan. 

Amotion prevailed for Revs. L. A. Petty, and W. A. 
Webster to preach at night. On motion adjourned till night. 

Thursday Night Session. 

The Association met. Rev. A. Lee led the song. "When 
I can read my titles clear," &c. Bro. C. P. Bostic offered 
prayer, sang 350 hymn, lined by Rev. L. A. Petty, after 
which he read his selections, Acts. 26: 1-18. Rev J. P. E. 
Love offered the prayer. Sang 375 hymn, after which Rev. 
M. IL Craig introduced Rev. L- A. Petty to the audience, 
and he arose singing, "Am I a Soldier of the Cross," &c. 
Text, Acts 27:31 verse, from which he preached and Rev. P. 
A. Webster responded very thoughtfully and intelligently. 
He called for a cash collection to help educate the colored 
race, so that it (the race) can more fitly express and deliver 
the "will" of God to all man-kind. $2.46 taken. Doxology; 
Benediction by Rev. L. A. Petty. 

Friday Morning Session. 

'The Moderator, officers and delegates met pursuant t^' 

6 Gold Hill Association. 

adjournment. Opened by singing 640 hymn. Mod. read 
4th chap, of Eph., and the "real features" were purity and 
'^te-vlfasl'^f"-';, Bro PoVe Ha ri« offered prayer. Rev. S. 
VJcCurry ordered tiie roll called. On motion the record of 
Thursday and night session was received and adopted. 

Permanent Organization. — Votes were cast for officers as 
follows: Rev. S. McCurry, President: Rev. L. A. Petty, Vice- 
President; J. A. Logan, Treasurer; E- Coston, Secretary. 

Committee: J. E. Proctor, N. Miller, W. J. Logan, Wil- 
lie M. Moore, T. A. Gray, Samuel Miller, R. Burgin, G. L. 

Forney J. A. Logan, Chairman. 

Note: — The business of the Association had become so 
urgent, that the officers who were previously elected, were 
not installed as usual; neither tendered they their thanks for 
the "trust" conferred. 

Coramiltees were appointed, and their report.^ upon the 
following subjects were received and adopted: — 

Executive Board, LTnion Meeting, Ministers' and Dea- 
cons' Meeting, Annual Session, Permanent Organization, 
Hours of Meeting, Religious Exercises, Education, Intemper- 
ance, Sunday School, Mission, Oidained Ministers, Gospej 
Order, Order "Ver>^us" Grievance, Finance, Appropriation. 
Time and Piai*e, Corie.sponding M*: ':;:%& ngers, Obituary. 

A call for corresponding messengers and visitors, — when 
the following came furwcud, and were wdcomed to »-eat with 
us: Revs. Andrew Johnson, A. H. Hopper, Ebenezer As- 
sociation; Rev. J. P. E. Love, Mud Creek Association. Visi- 
tors: Rev. R. F. Fox, Flat Rock, N. C; R. H. Parrham, 
Cliffside, N. C. Hours of meeting. — Meet at 9 a. m., ad- 
journ at 12 m.; meet at 2. p. m., adjourn at 4 p. m.; meet at 
8 p. m., adjourn at will. 

Committee, — R. Burgin, M. Hamilton, J. A, Logan, 
Chairman. Intermission, Dox., Benediction. 

The Association re-assembled, — sang 640 hymn; Rev. 
A. Lee. lined. Rev. A. H. Hopper read Psalms, 105: 1-25. 
Rev. Andrew Johnson, offered prayer, sang 641 hymn. Mod. 

Gold Hill Association. 

introduced Rev. A. H. Hopper, who preached an awakening 
sermon from Josh. 8:i. Rev. R. F, Fox offered prayer, sang 
422 hymn, and a cash collection was taken amounting to ^2. 
Non-adjourned till 2 p. m., Dox., Ben., by Rev. A. H. Hop- 

Friday Afternoon Session. 

The Association re- assembled 2.30 p. m. , sang 919 hymn; 
Rev. R. A. Hemphill read 2 Tim. 2:14. — he led the prayer. 
The Mod. called the Association to order. On motion the re- 
cord of the forenoon session was received and adopted. Rev. 
P. A. Webster gave a little talk, and $1.05 cash collection 
was contributed to the educational cause. A note of "thanks" 
was tendered the messengers and visitors, for their lectural 

Religious exercises. — Rev. J. P. E. Love, shall preach 
at night begining about 8 o'clock, and Bro P. Harris, shall 
assist. Adjourned till said hour. Dox., Ben. — Per Rev. ly 
A, Petty. 

Friday Nijfht Session. 
The association met persuant to adjournment. After 
having sang a song, Bro. Willie M. Moore, offered prayer. 
Bro. P. Harris lined >33 hymn, after which Rev. J. P. E. 
Love read St. John 3: — Rev. M. H. Craig offered prayer. 
Sang 530 hymn, — Rev L. A. Petty, introduced Rev. Love to 
preach, which he did. He closed from Matt. 16:13. Cash col- 
lection per P. A. Webster $7.28. Bro. Hapgood, was wel- 
comed and spoke a few clever words. Adjourned. Sang 
Doxology; Benediction by Rev. J. P. E. Love. 

Saturday Morning Session, 9-4-1909. 

The association met, — Rev. L. A. Petty opened by sing- 
ing 125 hymn; he read Romans 10 Chapter, and Bro. N. Mil- 
ler lead the prayer. Rev S. McCurry called the "house" to 
order. Reports: Education, — Resolved, that pastors and 
"church-leaders," set forth their best efforts to harmonize, 
and foster the work of education "financially" at W. U. A., 

Gold HiU Association. 

Riitherfordton, N. C, by way of "brotherly" and "huniani- 

Comm'tiee, — J. E. Proctor, Rev. R. F. Fox,J. A r.f>j<an, 

Intemperance. — Seeing that fatal re.sult of intemperance 
is poverty, misery, inharmony of families, neighbors, and, 
lastly affects the progress and prosperity of the race aiu: 
makes scloomy the "Holy Worship" of Jehovah. Intemper- 
ance weakens the intellect, the physical body, and the 
Spiritual power. Intemperance is the chief cause of prema- 
ture old age and death. Ministers and deacons who are or 
should be the "light bearejs,'' and will carelessly or persis- 
tently live intemperately are not wise; and are not worthy of 
the position of leaders. Resolved that any church that holds 
a minister in chaige, or fellowships deacons or member.-, who 
practice intemperance, — said church ministers, deacon or 
member shall not be recognized in this annual "body." 

Com.— G. W. Surratt, R. B. Burgin, I. Z. Philips, Ch'm. 

Sunday Schools. — In order that each Sunday school may 
be more successful, we recommend that each act to its own 
best advantage, by getting literature from the American Bap. 
Pub. Society, or from the Nat on d Bap. Pub. Board. We 
commend the use of such literature and the best "helps" 
the Societies have. 

Com.— Rev. R' A. Hemphill, J. B. King, J. G. Spikes, 

Mission. — Whereas some churches are weak and have 
almost fallen; resolved that a missionery from this body be 
sent out over the boundary of this association, he who should 
do a good, lasting work in building up, and strengthening 
the weak — the weak churches. 

Com.— J. P. Bridges, T. A. Gray, T. C. Flack, Rev. R. 
A. Hemphill, J. A. Logan, Ch'm. 

Ordained Ministers. — S. McCurry, Caroleen, N. C; C. 
C. Harbison, Morganton; R. A. Hemphill, Rutherfordton; 
A. Lee, Rutherfordton; L. A. Pctt> , Forest Cit} ; M. H. 

Gold Hill Association. 

Craig, Marion; Andrew Johnson, King's Mt. ; <J. R. Waikins, 
Mooresboro; R. H. Parrham, Gaffney, S. C. 

Licenciates. — James King, Rutherfordton; Poke Harris, 
Island Ford; R. McBrayer, Ellenboro; I. Z. Phillips. 48 Beau- 
mont St. Asheville, N. C. 

Com.— T. C. Flack, M. C. Hampton, G. L. Forney. 

Gospel order "versus" Grievance. — 

We believe the Scriptures are truly the "word" of God; 
ard that the church of Christ is a visible "'body" of baptized 
believers associated, covenanted by the faith and fellowship of 
the gospel; the observation of the ordinances of Christ, gov- 
erned by His laws, — exercising the gifts, rights and privile- 
ges invested in them. 

We believe that baptism is right; and should be aJimnis- 
tered by the proper administrator, and by consent of.^ the 

In order to retain and promote christain harmony, r^nd a 
ceaseless union Christianity, we recommend that no minister 
have the idea of attempting to baptize an applicant for admit- 
tance to membership until said applicant or person shall have 
first testified of the change of heart, and taith in Christ. 

Com.— Revs. L. A. Petty, C. R. Watkins, P. A. Web- 
ster, A. H. Hopper, J. P. E. Love, A. Lee; Bros. W. M. 
Moore, J. L. Miller, Rev. Andrew Johnson, Ch'm. 


Mt. Moriah $ 5.07 

Mt. Nebo 10.40 

Green's Creek 9. 10 

Hayne's Grove 3.90 

Moore's Grove 3.38 

Webb's Church 6.28 

Jerusalem 3.77 

St. Luke 1.69 

Wheat's Creek (Due .26) 3.12 

Gold Hill •' $4.60 4.50 

Total " $4.60 plus $51-17 

Com— J. P. Bridges, R. B. Burgin, Willie M. Moore. 

8 Gold Hill Association. 


Because of illness, donated to Moderator $ 5.00 

S. McCurry 3.00 

R. A. Hemphill i.oo 

E. Coston, Sec 5.00 

Ministers, (printing) 18.00 

W. U. Academy 35-00 

L. A. Petty, Vice . : 2.00 

A. H. Hopper 1.50 

Andrew Johnson 3-50 

P. A. Webster 3.50 

New Zion 6.00 

Mt. Moriah, $5.00 plus $6.20 11.20 

I. Z. Phillips 2.00 

Total amount .$ 96.70 

Com. — N. Miller, J. A. Logan, Thomas Hamilton, Wil- 
lie M. Moore, Rev. A. Lee. 

Time and Place. — The next annual setting of the Associa- 
tion shall be at Moore's Grove church, beginning on Thursday 
before the first Sunday in September, 1910. Rev. L. A. Petty, 
shall preach the introductory sermon; J. P. King, Alternate. 

Com.— W. L. Logan, G. L. Forney, T. A. Gray, J. G. 
Spikes, G. W. Surratt, N. Miller, J. A. Logan, S. J. Miller, 
R. B. Burgin, Ch'm. 

Corresponding Messengers to the named Associations as 
follows: — Ebenezer Rev. A. Lee; Thickety Mt. — Rev. L. A. 
Petty; Mud Creek — Rev. R. A. Hemphill. Com. — (see above.) 

Rev. A.Lee, Correspondent to the Ladies' Home Mission 
Society. Obitury: — Webb's church lost by death, 3; Greens' 
Creek 4; Moore's Grove, i; Jerusalem,:; Gold Hill, 3. Com. 
N. Miller, S. J. Miller, W. L. Logan Ch'm. 

Saturday Morning Session Gjntinocd. 

Devotional exercises opened by Rev. A. II. Parrham. 

Gold Hill Association. 

Sang 536 hymn. Rev. R. F. Fox, read Pfbv. 3 Chapter. I. 
Z. Philhps offered prayer. Rev. Fox was introduced to preach 
the sermon. — Text Prov. 3:35. The "essentials" of the ser- 
mon were very good and true. Singing and a cash collection of 
$2.05 was taken by Rev. A, Lee. Dox. Ben. by Rev. C. R. 

Saturday Afternoon Session. 

Rev. A. Lee opened; sung 248 hymn. He read Roms. 
12:9. Bro. Poke Harris offered prayer. Moderator called 
the Association to order. The record of the forenoon session 
was received and adopted. The Moderator had the Consti- 
tution read; it stands unchanged for the year 1910. Bro. J. 
L. Miller, gave Rev. J. M. Morris $1.00 the surplus of the 
treasury, which was promised him at Green's Creek, Sept. 1908. 

On motion, Bros. J. L. Miller, P. Harris are liberated to 
go home. Note, — ^-My record is, that New Zion, was received 
and adopted. — I have no letter. Sec'y. 

On motion Rev. Andrew Johnson, shall preach to-night 
and L Z. Philips, shall alternate. Dismisson by Rev. L, A« 
Petty. ' ' '' ''"' 

Saturday Night Session. 

The Association met. — Having sung a number of melod- 
ious "heart Songs," a motion prevailed for Miss Nora Walk- 
er to read her letter from the Ladies' Home Mission Society; 
same was read, received and adopted. Rev. P, A. Webster 
and sister Nora, assisted in a cash collection; $3.35 taken. 
Rev. A. Lee made some great remarks of the care and the 
rearing up of the girls. 8ang 454 hymn; Rev C. R. Watkins 
lined. Rev. M. H. Craig offered prayer. Rev. L. A. Petty 
introduced the Rt. Rev. A. Johnson whose text was ist Pet. 
4:18,- — he read 4:12 — 18 verse. The sermon was "note- 
worthy." — Ben. Rev. A. Johnson. 

Sunday Morning Session *-» 5, J909. 
The Association met persuant to adjournment. A num- 


JO Gold Hill Association* 

ber of charming songs were sung. Fraj'er; Sec'y leading. 

A lovely song was sung; after which Rev. J. M. Morris 
led the prayer. 

Rev, L. A. Petty called Kev. P. A. Webster, who very 
heartly offered the usual note of thanks to the members of 
Mt. Moriah church and the community a"d friends for their 
unbounded hospitality in entertaining the delegates and visi- 
tors to this session of the association. Sang 409, after which 
Rev. A. H. Hopper was introduced, who preached an excel, 
lent sermon from Text, Matt. 28:19. Sang No. 483 hymn; 
Rev. Iv. A. Lee offered prayer. While singing Rev. Webster 
served as cash collector, and $10.58 was taken. Adjourned. 
Dox. — Rev. Hopper announced the Ben. 

Sunday Evening Exercises. 

Rev. R. A. Hemphill offered prayer. Rev. C. (J. Harbi- 
son preached the sermon. Cash collection per W^ebster and 
Phillips amounting to $6.87. Dismission. 

Sunday Night Exercises. 

Met at 8 o'clock p. m. Sang "Savior more than life to 
me," &c. and Nos. 391 and 422. Rev. R. A. Hemphill 
preached a sermom from Acts 10:33; a"^ Rev. A. Johnson 
"closed" the sermon. Cash collection "per" A. L,ee, $5 95. 
Sang Dox. — Closed with benediction by Rev. R. A. Hemphill 

At next session 1910; Rev. M. M. Craig, shall preach 
the "educational" sermon at 11 o'clock a. m., on Saturday, 
September 3, 1910. Rev. S. McCurry shall preach a '-doc- 
trinal" sermon, Saturday night. Rev C'. R. Watkins shall 
preach a "missionary " sermon Sunday, at 11 o'clock a. m. 
Note. — Bro. J. A. Logan, Treasurer paid $2.00 of his pledge, 
entered at Green's Creek Sept. 1908. Contributors for Edu- 
cational and Mission work are as follows: I. Z. Philips paid 
$1.25, P. A. Webster $1.00; and four, .75 each as follows: 
C.C.Harbison, Willie M. Moore, Miss Nora Walker, N. 
Miller. The following "eight"' persons paid 50c each: C. R. 
Watkins, J. B. King, G. W. Walker, E. Coston, J. W 

Gold Hill Association. I J 

Logan, J. G. Spikes, S. J. Miller and J. W. Burgin. — Minor 
Greenlee paid 53c; and the following "seventeen" persons 
paid 25c each: Henry Smith, S. S. Logan, T. A.Gray. Joseph 
Logan, Sr,, T. C. Patton, W. L. Logan, Mason Brown, Mary 
Morehead, Frank Keid, Mrs. M. Burgin, John Russell, Alice 
Logan, Hattie Wilkins, A. Hamilton, W. A. Moore, Amasa 
Thompson, and N. C. Welmon. 

The above cash parcels amounts to $ 14.03 

General unassigned contributions 34-72 

Parcels or "fees" from churches. 5i-i7 

Bro. J. A. Logan paid on pledge, (1908) 2.00 

Grand total ... , $101.92 

Appropriation 96 70 

If no error in collections, (Rem.) 5.22 


The assembly of the Gold Hill Baptist Association in her 
Seventeenth Annual Session at Gold Hill church, thought it 
necessary to revise the Constitution, and Order of Business, 

Therefore be it resolved, that the Constitution and Order 
of Business shall read as follows: 

Article i. This Association shall be known as the Gold 
Hill Baptist Association, and shall be composed of Baptist 
churches whose articles of faith and constitutions are in har- 
mony with those of this Association. 

Art. 2. The primary object of this Association shall be 
to encourage purity of the churches among the ministers, and 
in the boundary of the Association generallj'. To encourage 
Mission, Sunday school work, to advance the cause of Christ 
in every way properly, and to aid in fostering Western Union 

Art. 3. Any regular Baptist church shall be entitled to 
membership whose constitution and articles of faith and prac- 
tice are in harmony with those of this Association. 

J 2 Gold Hill Association. 

Art. 4. Each church shall be allowed a representation 
of tv/o deleg;ates in addition to their regular ordained minis- 
ters, and every church of over fifty members shall be allowed 
one additional delegate for every 50 additional meuibers. 

Art. 5. Each church shall send annually to the Associa- 
tion a letter containing: a statistical table of members ond con- 
tribuiions for associational purposes, minutes and missions. 

Art. 6. The Association shall have power by a two-third 
vote to withdraw fellowship from any church that is corrupt 
in doctrine or practice. 

Art. 7. Any church is at liberty to withdraw from this 
Association by making known such desire one year before 

^ Art. 8. The officers of this association shall be a Mod- 
erator, clerk, treasurer, and an executive committee of seven. 
All of whom shall be elected annually, and contiue in office 
until their successsors are elected. 

Art. 9. The Moderator shall preside or fill the chair by 
calling some member of the body thereto, and enforce order 
in accordance with the constitution and rules of order, shall 
appoint all committees unless otherwise provided. 

Art. 10. The clerk shall record the proceedings, conduct 
the correspondence, publish and distribute the minutes. 

Art. II. The treasurer shall neceive all funds contribu- 
ted by the churches or individuals to the object of the Asso- 
ciation, receipting the contributors for same, and distribute 
all contributions to their proper destinations, and make a full 
report of all receipts and disbursements to the Association at 
its annual session, and on retiring from his office turn over to 
his successor all moneys, papers and books belonging thereto. 

Art. 12. The executive committee shall consist of min- 
isters and deacons, and organize immediately after being 
elected, by electing one of their number Moderator, and one 
clerk. Three shall constitute a quorum. No business will 
be transacted with less than a quorum, and the entire board 

Gold Hill Association. J3 

should be present if possible. The executive board shall at- 
tend and advise in all business of the Association between her 
annual session, respecting any church may call for them, but 
not to advise in any business between the church and its mem- 
bers, unless the church and member or members both consent 
to same. And if the church fails to hear the board, the board 
shall report her to the annual session. The clerk shall keep 
a full record of all business transacted. If either side is not 
satisfied with the advice of the board, they have the right to 
ask the Association for a new hearing, which shall be granted 
and acted upon according to the evidence produced by the 
clerk in writing, and the decission of the Association shall be 

The board shall encourage the churches to give liberally 
to the Mission fund, and keep up a regular Sabbath school, 
and be represented at the Sunday school convention, and make 
a full report of its work, including such suggestions relative 
thereto, as it may think advisable to the association at its an- 
nual session. 

Art. 13 The letter of each church will not be received 
unless she pays three cents per member for minute fund, and 
ten cents for education. 

Art. 14. The clerk shall be paid at the association, one 
dollar per day for his services. 

Art. 15. In case the Moderator fails to enforce the con- 
stitution and rules of order, any regular member of the body 
shall have a right to call his attention thereto; and in case he 
fails to adhere, he shall forfeit his position. 

Art. 16. This constitution may be changed or amended 
at any annual session by two-thirds of the representatives 
present voting the affirmative. 


The annual meeting of this Association shall be opened 
and closed with prayer; and at the appointed hour the Moder- 

J 4 Gold Hill Association, 

ator, or in his absence, the assistant Moderator shall call the 
Association to order. 

Art. 2. No person shall speak longer than five minutes, 
and not more than twice on the same subject; without leave 
from a majority of the members present. 

Art. 3. Whispering during the hours of business shall 
not be allowed; and any member in making a motion, in speak- 
ing or in debating, shall rise and address the Moderator, and 
shall not be disturbed by anyone; except to explain. And in 
case the claimed point of explanation appears to the Modera- 
tor as a debate, argument, or brother under the shadow of a 
point of explanation, he shall rule him out of order. And in 
case he fails to hear the Moderator his privileges shall be 
null and void during the remainder of the setting of the asso- 
ciation by the majority ot the members voting in the affirm- 
tive; unless restored by the same power. 

Art. 4. When the Moderator is putting a question or 
addressing the body, no member shall walk out or across the 
house, and no private conversation shall be carried on while 
any member is speaking; but give strict attention to what is 

Art. 5. The corresponding messengers, visiting brethren 
from other churches, after having been recognized, shall be 
subject to the same laws and regulations as the delegates are; 
enjoy the same privileges as the members of this association, 
except roting. 

Art. 6. The deliberation of this body shall coincide with 
Tliscox's directory, and any of the following rules may be 
suspended or amended by a two-third vote in the affirmative. 


Art. I. Introductory sermon. 

Art. 2. Enrollment of churches and receptions of new 

Art. 3. Reading of letters. 

Art. 4. Election of Moderator, Clerk and Treasurer; 

Gold Hill Association. J 5 

reception of new churches; call for correspondence, — renew- 
ing the call at the opening of each morning cession. 

Art. 5. Appointment of committees on education, Sun- 
day school work, finance, temperance, religious exercises and 
deceased ministers. 

Art. 6. Miscellaneous business. 

Art. 7. Give an opportunity to present the claims for 
mission or any other general interest supported hy the body. 

Art. 8. Fix time and place for next meetitg: and appoint 
the introductory preacher and alternate; also preach the mis- 
sionery sermon. 

Art. 9. Arrange general or union meetings. 

Art. 10. Appoint correspondents to other bodies. 

Art. II. Call for reports of committees. 

Art. 12. Elect executive board provided for in the con- 

Art. 13. Arrange for printing, — distributing minutes, 
and paying clerk. 

Art. 14. Adjourn. 


Ptistors Salary- 

Total membership 






Dis. ijv Lftier 

Rec'd hv letter 


Sabbath of ! 







»— I 












O ' 

O ' 

IN i 

i o o 

' c o 

: od 


O O CC 00 05 M to 
e- oj 'Tt 'Tf C 9 ^ ga 



I I 2 

I I 

rt I GO Ttl rt 


I I I M I I 

I I ^ I, I 

rr ca O i: CQ !M 

JO I ^ rt :o re 



. d 
o ;-i 






® .5 ^ '-' 
'^ '- Z -^ 

- . t>-. 

C s 

i? =8 

X O 


Q ^- 


03 o 

.^ :^ -u 

^'S = 
^ 0O3 

Oi u ^ 

tj oj a 

O J3 O 
ti -t^ -s 

^"03 2 


-1 •-- a !-. 
'^. S cAj p^ 


o c . 

t^ t: til 

C S ^H 

eS a 3 

t. tH r- 

- - rf 
s = a 

c c cc 
"• .2 

^ Id ^ 
I- '•- 7^ 
si ee • - 

1.J-1 k— «i 



? 2i r-*::) 

L- C ' 


H ^J (B 

g rt ^ ^' • 

C 2; ^ ^ i ■ 


: !>> 

! 3 


■ Oj ^ -; (-, 
• O) P o 3 

j3 t, — - -. 

.2 c ^ ^>^ ^ 3 3 _ 

O I ,«= 'oc j« .cc ^ -iS 

5^ 5- 

1-3 c/j 



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In issuing this series we are offering the Baptist public about a hundred of the best 
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The Ancient British and Irish Churches Wm. Cathcart, D. D. 

The Bible in Modern Lig:ht John W. Conley, D. D. 

Chas. H. Spurgeon : His Life and Work H. L. Wayland 

The Church on Wheels Charles Herbert Rust 

From Earth to Heaven . . A. P. Graves 

Johann Gerhard Oncken : His Life and Work .... Rev. John Hunt Cook 

Life and Letters of John Albert Broadus A. T. Robertson 

Manual of Bible Readinjrs E. T. Hiscox, D. D. 

Matthew, the Genesis of the New Testament Henry G. Weston 

The Ministry of the Sunday School T. Ilarwood Pattison, I). 0. 

Sermons H. H. Carroll 

That Railroad Man A. P. Graves, D. D. 


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Volume I. Psalms 1=26, 496 pp. Volume IV. Psalms 69=103, 488 pp. 

Volume II. Psalms 27=52, 496 pp. Volume V. Psalms 104-118, 36S pp. 

Volume III. Psalms 53=68, 496 pp. Volume VI. Psalms 119-124, 478 pp. 

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For the Superintendent 

A Trip to Palestine 

A Compe#2^ve Sunday-school Attendance 

The school is divided into 
■vo parts and embarks on 
twc ships on a trip to Pales- 
tine. The progress of the 
vGj'agJ''^^? regulated by at- 
terida.iK:i or by the number 
of liew scholars secured, 
each.' stiSiolar counting a 
certain number of miles for 
each Sunday's attendance. 
New scholars count in the 
progress of the ships, also the offerings if desired. 
It can be used in a variety of ways. Buttons 
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When you return in the Fall 
please Bring this envelope and 
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A New 


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